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Name of Fund AUM 13-F Portfolio Value Last 13-F Filed # Positions Concentration in Top 10 % Change (QoQ)
ADAGE CAPITAL PARTNERS GP, L.L.C.$46.03 billionQ2 202386424.52%3.23%
ALPS ADVISORS INC$19.33 billion$11.51 billionQ2 202399454.02%1.71%
APPALOOSA LP$13.79 billion$5.39 billionQ2 20233962.51%184.71%
AQR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$120.00 billion$47.05 billionQ2 202321789.55%3.26%
BAKER BROS. ADVISORS LP$23.15 billion$17.28 billionQ2 202310787.6%-5.99%
BLACKROCK INC.$3,627.98 billionQ2 2023550018.7%7.01%
BLACKSTONE INC.$23.38 billionQ2 202315150.86%-4.28%
BRAHMAN CAPITAL CORP.$1.54 billion$368.09 millionQ2 20232290.02%-54.77%
BRIDGEWATER ASSOCIATES, LP$196.83 billion$16.19 billionQ2 202369635.2%-1.19%
CANDRIAM S.C.A.$117.32 billion$13.84 billionQ2 202371719.74%-4.03%
CERBERUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$82.37 billion$4.23 billionQ2 20238100.01%2.36%
CHICKASAW CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$2.03 billion$1.81 billionQ2 20238379.64%-3.65%
CUSHING ASSET MANAGEMENT, LP DBA NXG INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT$1.13 billion$1.03 billionQ2 20237254.04%3.99%
D. E. SHAW & CO., INC.$109.28 billion$97.90 billionQ2 2023420212.07%4.81%
DEERFIELD MANAGEMENT COMPANY, L.P. (SERIES C)$15.06 billion$4.68 billionQ2 202310150.13%4.43%
DUPONT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CORP$19.95 billion$2.03 billionQ2 202363042.6%-3.05%
DUQUESNE FAMILY OFFICE LLC$2.87 billionQ2 20235375%24.56%
EASTERLY INVESTMENT PARTNERS LLC$1.34 billion$1.45 billionQ1 202322121.08%43.71%
EJF CAPITAL LLC$8.63 billion$219.10 millionQ2 20239748.01%-18.99%
EUCLIDEAN TECHNOLOGIES MANAGEMENT, LLC$111.05 million$108.83 millionQ1 20237525.23%3.57%
FISHER ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC$192.40 billion$180.98 billionQ2 2023116927.71%9.6%
FULLER & THALER ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC.$16.36 billion$17.60 billionQ2 202350615.79%1.5%
GEODE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$803.47 billion$850.99 billionQ2 2023475325.92%10.51%
GOTHAM ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC$4.20 billion$4.60 billionQ2 2023129422.69%11.46%
HHLR ADVISORS, LTD.$45.87 billion$4.70 billionQ2 20236078.55%-16.74%
INFRASTRUCTURE CAPITAL ADVISORS, LLC$1.28 billion$1.05 billionQ2 202310867.55%19.57%
KAYNE ANDERSON CAPITAL ADVISORS LP$29.87 billion$3.32 billionQ2 20238360.09%-1.54%
KEY SQUARE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$49.94 millionQ2 20239100.01%-58.44%
LONG POND CAPITAL, LP$2.90 billion$1.70 billionQ2 20232964.62%-8.95%
LUXOR CAPITAL GROUP, LP$7.42 billion$5.04 billionQ2 20234888.27%32.73%
MAGNETAR FINANCIAL LLC$24.75 billion$4.56 billionQ2 202347620.43%-11.04%
OAKTREE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$151.31 billion$7.60 billionQ2 202323854.5%-15.99%
OMNI PARTNERS LLP$2.03 billionQ1 202124852.08%18.75%
ORBIMED ADVISORS LLC$18.28 billion$5.52 billionQ2 202312632.7%8.34%
OWL CREEK ASSET MANAGEMENT, L.P.$3.42 billion$2.11 billionQ2 202314970.65%7.78%
PALO ALTO INVESTORS LP$1.28 billion$1.24 billionQ2 20233087.09%2.54%
PAULSON & CO. INC.$1.02 billionQ2 20232188.69%-14.84%
PRAESIDIUM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLC$1.22 billion$1.10 billionQ2 20231678.05%-0.57%
RA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$9.65 billion$5.30 billionQ2 20235458.3%19.9%
RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES LLC$106.03 billion$69.39 billionQ2 2023386411.92%-7.92%
RR ADVISORS, LLC$768.39 million$547.44 millionQ2 20231996.15%-4.61%
SOLUS ALTERNATIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT LP$3.39 billion$269.01 millionQ2 20239100.01%2.89%
SOROS FUND MANAGEMENT LLC$6.41 billionQ2 202317233.23%-1.16%
TFG ASSET MANAGEMENT GP LTD$21.76 billion$740.64 millionQ2 20235162.81%-0.92%
TORTOISE CAPITAL ADVISORS, L.L.C.$7.25 billion$6.56 billionQ2 202310160.87%-1.45%
TUDOR INVESTMENT CORP ET AL$44.53 billion$8.38 billionQ2 2023236313%29.74%
VIVO CAPITAL, LLC$5.42 billion$1.45 billionQ2 20234877.82%0.53%
WARD FERRY MANAGEMENT (BVI) LTD$3.27 billion$924.78 millionQ2 20239100.02%-15.47%
YIHENG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$3.03 billion$1.85 billionQ2 20233181.53%-26.84%