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Name of Fund AUM 13-F Portfolio Value Last 13-F Filed # Positions Concentration in Top 10 % Change (QoQ)
ALPINE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$312.75 millionQ4 202317357.51%-20.96%
AQR ARBITRAGE LLC$3.05 billion$2.48 billionQ4 202369115.91%11.24%
ARROWGRASS CAPITAL PARTNERS (US) LP$380.08 millionQ4 20196548.33%-71.76%
BALYASNY ASSET MANAGEMENT L.P.$184.42 billion$53.25 billionQ4 2023242812.57%8.66%
BARDIN HILL MANAGEMENT PARTNERS LP$234.99 millionQ4 20235258.73%-24.3%
CHEYNE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (UK) LLP$36.17 billion$27.85 millionQ4 20231593.17%-19.74%
DAVIDSON KEMPNER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$40.82 billion$4.37 billionQ4 202323638.13%-41.25%
EMPYREAN CAPITAL PARTNERS, LP$5.48 billion$1.65 billionQ4 20235856.42%1.78%
FARALLON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$41.25 billion$20.15 billionQ4 202315054.97%-5.64%
FIR TREE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$3.67 billion$604.91 millionQ4 202314640.59%-36.81%
GABELLI FUNDS LLC$19.31 billion$12.99 billionQ4 2023111912.34%5.37%
GARDNER LEWIS ASSET MANAGEMENT L P$295.44 millionQ4 20235341.67%1.92%
GATES CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC.$3.08 billion$4.34 billionQ4 20233550.38%8.67%
GLAZER CAPITAL, LLC$5.75 billion$970.59 millionQ4 202313950.69%-36.81%
HARVEST MANAGEMENT LLC$108.10 millionQ4 20234765.78%-43.77%
HBK INVESTMENTS L P$28.46 billion$18.45 billionQ4 202319490.04%19.84%
HG VORA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$10.03 billion$1.96 billionQ4 20231298.13%-38.1%
HGC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC.$344.64 millionQ4 20239866.86%12.74%
JET CAPITAL INVESTORS L P$451.82 million$50.98 millionQ4 20232771.42%-23.45%
KELLNER CAPITAL, LLC$55.51 millionQ4 20231882.85%-34.7%
KING STREET CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$26.13 billion$70.90 millionQ4 20238100.01%-55.73%
KITE LAKE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (UK) LLP$125.61 millionQ4 20235100%44.88%
MAGNETAR FINANCIAL LLC$24.75 billion$3.94 billionQ4 202336326.72%0.52%
MASON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$2.82 billion$893.88 millionQ4 20237100%-23.11%
MELQART ASSET MANAGEMENT (UK) LTD$3.24 billion$1.36 billionQ4 20234154.76%-2.77%
MOAB CAPITAL PARTNERS LLC$41.02 millionQ3 20212187.44%-3.54%
NEXPOINT ASSET MANAGEMENT, L.P.$2.29 billion$664.17 millionQ4 20237062.6%-9.24%
OWL CREEK ASSET MANAGEMENT, L.P.$3.42 billion$1.32 billionQ4 20236583.39%-48.72%
P SCHOENFELD ASSET MANAGEMENT LP$2.89 billion$427.93 millionQ4 20237561.91%-65.4%
PAULSON & CO. INC.$1.11 billionQ4 20231793.01%-0.86%
PENTWATER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$5.86 billion$8.92 billionQ4 202310963.35%-52.04%
SANDELL ASSET MANAGEMENT CORP.$178.66 millionQ3 20203070.16%-28.51%
SCOGGIN MANAGEMENT LP$212.34 million$319.04 millionQ4 20235062.77%31.56%
SCULPTOR CAPITAL LP$45.97 billion$4.72 billionQ4 202337238.98%-5%
SENATOR INVESTMENT GROUP LP$4.89 billion$2.33 billionQ4 20237043.43%31.06%
SOLUS ALTERNATIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT LP$3.39 billion$315.33 millionQ4 202310100%0.93%
STRATEGIC VALUE PARTNERS, LLC$17.61 billion$194.54 millionQ4 20233100%-1.5%
TACONIC CAPITAL ADVISORS LP$11.07 billion$741.80 millionQ4 202313075.48%-64.58%
TFG ASSET MANAGEMENT GP LTD$21.76 billion$415.29 millionQ4 20233270.92%-24.27%
TIG ADVISORS, LLC$3.21 billion$801.08 millionQ4 20234874.43%-63.91%
TUDOR INVESTMENT CORP ET AL$44.53 billion$12.42 billionQ4 2023229613.44%24.51%
TWIN SECURITIES, INC.$187.04 million$94.80 millionQ4 20231199.91%-76.93%
TYRUS CAPITAL S.A.M.$10.53 millionQ3 20232799.43%-26.02%
UNION SQUARE PARK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$188.35 million$135.11 millionQ4 20234268.17%55.55%
WATER ISLAND CAPITAL LLC$2.25 billion$976.30 millionQ4 20235759.29%-11.31%
WESTCHESTER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC.$452.46 million$371.52 millionQ4 20234454.4%6.41%
WESTCHESTER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$5.35 billion$2.86 billionQ4 202327244.93%-16.64%
YORK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GLOBAL ADVISORS, LLC$2.07 billion$332.72 millionQ4 2023499.99%-7.54%