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Name of Fund AUM 13-F Portfolio Value Last 13-F Filed # Positions Concentration in Top 10 % Change (QoQ)
ATLANTIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, INC.$336.75 million$219.00 millionQ4 202310100%9.12%
BLUM CAPITAL PARTNERS LP$34.09 millionQ2 20181100%14.54%
BULLDOG INVESTORS, LLP$368.13 million$304.39 millionQ4 202316934.61%5.68%
CANYON CAPITAL ADVISORS LLC$13.67 billion$884.54 millionQ4 20232199.51%-12.64%
CARTICA MANAGEMENT, LLC$444.75 million$20.89 millionQ1 20231100%-88.78%
CEVIAN CAPITAL II GP LTD$14.19 billion$4.00 billionQ4 2023399.99%68.25%
CORVEX MANAGEMENT LP$2.89 billion$1.90 billionQ4 20233273.39%2.4%
ELLIOTT INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT L.P.$93.21 billion$18.72 billionQ4 20236068.44%44.83%
EMINENCE CAPITAL, LP$9.71 billion$6.66 billionQ4 20236140.9%31.58%
ENGAGED CAPITAL LLC$701.32 million$682.71 millionQ4 20239100%24.46%
ENGINE NO. 1 LLC$299.88 million$54.84 millionQ4 20237100%-71.12%
GABELLI FUNDS LLC$19.31 billion$12.99 billionQ4 2023111912.34%5.37%
GREENLIGHT CAPITAL INC$1.42 billion$2.05 billionQ4 20234064.31%16.32%
ICAHN CARL C$10.91 billionQ4 20231497.96%-9.65%
IMPACTIVE CAPITAL LP$3.02 billion$2.44 billionQ4 2023899.98%8.7%
JANA PARTNERS LLC$1.28 billion$1.34 billionQ2 20239100.01%1.29%
NEW MOUNTAIN VANTAGE ADVISERS, L.L.C.$169.80 million$4.33 billionQ2 2022499.99%28.24%
PERSHING SQUARE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$16.00 billion$10.40 billionQ4 20238100%-0.93%
SACHEM HEAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$3.91 billion$2.14 billionQ4 20231395.27%-0.19%
SCOPIA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$2.93 billion$808.65 millionQ4 20233164.32%-0.13%
SPRINGOWL ASSOCIATES LLC$22.81 millionQ3 20212357.23%-9.04%
STARBOARD VALUE LP$8.05 billion$4.81 billionQ4 20232881.26%23.18%
STILWELL VALUE LLC$231.50 million$191.49 millionQ4 20233493%4.59%
THIRD POINT LLC$17.96 billion$6.64 billionQ4 20233774.06%0.68%
TRIAN FUND MANAGEMENT, L.P.$7.15 billion$7.01 billionQ4 20239100%6.57%
VALUEACT HOLDINGS, L.P.$5.00 billionQ4 20231496.06%12.23%