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Name of Fund AUM 13-F Portfolio Value Last 13-F Filed # Positions Concentration in Top 10 % Change (QoQ)
ABRAMS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$9.77 billion$3.22 billionQ4 20231595.26%6.32%
AQUAMARINE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$350.01 million$170.23 millionQ2 20221297.44%-22.85%
ARIEL INVESTMENTS, LLC$14.83 billion$10.04 billionQ4 202311425.48%6.28%
BARROW HANLEY MEWHINNEY & STRAUSS LLC$46.05 billion$28.42 billionQ4 202328725.59%8.64%
BAUPOST GROUP LLC/MA$27.38 billion$4.59 billionQ4 20232383.55%-12.07%
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC$347.36 billionQ4 20234117.25%10.89%
BRANDES INVESTMENT PARTNERS, LP$17.53 billion$6.59 billionQ4 202318722.87%28.62%
BRUCE & CO., INC.$558.46 million$286.58 millionQ4 20233772.58%-2.34%
CANYON CAPITAL ADVISORS LLC$13.67 billion$884.54 millionQ4 20232199.51%-12.64%
COLISEUM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$2.12 billion$1.25 billionQ4 20231197.85%30%
DALAL STREET, LLC$637.56 million$248.13 millionQ4 20234100%46.27%
DAVIS SELECTED ADVISERS$19.89 billion$17.70 billionQ4 202310356.5%10.97%
DODGE & COX$322.93 billion$157.55 billionQ4 202319728.52%6.17%
DONALD SMITH & CO., INC.$2.62 billion$3.90 billionQ4 20236444.15%34.07%
EDGEPOINT INVESTMENT GROUP INC.$21.91 billion$11.55 billionQ4 20234062.09%10.27%
EQUITY INVESTMENT CORP$2.27 billion$3.56 billionQ4 20236033.48%10.8%
FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD/ CAN$1.47 billionQ4 20235787.97%-21.19%
FAIRHOLME CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$1.64 billion$1.56 billionQ4 2023799.99%10.75%
FAIRVIEW CAPITAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC$1.54 billion$1.68 billionQ4 202314545.69%7.5%
FARALLON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$41.25 billion$20.15 billionQ4 202315054.97%-5.64%
FIR TREE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$3.67 billion$604.91 millionQ4 202314640.59%-36.81%
FIRST EAGLE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC$82.49 billion$41.97 billionQ4 20234118.78%8.59%
FIRST PACIFIC ADVISORS, LP$24.34 billion$6.68 billionQ4 20238253.86%4.69%
HARRIS ASSOCIATES L P$94.17 billion$58.03 billionQ4 20231435.79%12.92%
HIMALAYA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$14.17 billion$2.06 billionQ4 2023699.99%13.14%
HOTCHKIS & WILEY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$28.35 billion$28.10 billionQ4 202347827.03%6.57%
KAHN BROTHERS GROUP INC$634.76 millionQ4 20234381.59%-0.96%
KEELEY-TETON ADVISORS, LLC$928.84 million$773.83 millionQ4 202334915.67%8.63%
LAKEWOOD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP$2.85 billion$1.19 billionQ4 20234253.26%8.71%
LANSDOWNE PARTNERS (UK) LLP$6.68 billion$1.34 billionQ4 20233991.05%22.51%
LYRICAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LP$5.76 billion$6.13 billionQ4 20234045.63%15.88%
MILLER VALUE PARTNERS, LLC$203.52 million$168.36 millionQ4 20234256.48%5.82%
MUHLENKAMP & CO INC$344.80 million$305.71 millionQ4 20232950.66%5.51%
NEXPOINT ASSET MANAGEMENT, L.P.$2.29 billion$664.17 millionQ4 20237062.6%-9.24%
OLSTEIN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, L.P.$790.33 million$593.08 millionQ4 20239619.01%1.7%
OMEGA ADVISORS INC.$1.02 billionQ4 20183556.08%-55.71%
PINE RIVER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT L.P.$3.61 billion$32.94 millionQ3 20182100%956.79%
PLATINUM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LTD$11.05 billion$2.46 billionQ4 202314259.51%-3.98%
PRIVATE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$1.50 billion$898.93 millionQ4 202314349.22%6.25%
PZENA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC$49.30 billion$26.60 billionQ4 20231645.29%14.29%
ROUTE ONE INVESTMENT COMPANY, L.P.$5.25 billion$4.94 billionQ4 20231786.12%69.68%
ROYCE & ASSOCIATES LP$11.72 billion$10.83 billionQ4 20238609.39%10.25%
SAND GROVE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLP$3.59 billion$376.15 millionQ4 20231885.99%-53.11%
SCION ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC$237.97 million$94.59 millionQ4 20232554.75%-4.43%
SEMPER AUGUSTUS INVESTMENTS GROUP LLC$477.23 million$477.80 millionQ4 20233580.39%14.53%
SENATOR INVESTMENT GROUP LP$4.89 billion$2.33 billionQ4 20237043.43%31.06%
SMEAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC.$5.25 billion$5.58 billionQ4 20233358.25%13.95%
SOROBAN CAPITAL PARTNERS LP$11.38 billion$8.08 billionQ4 20232982.09%19.52%
SOUTHEASTERN ASSET MANAGEMENT INC/TN/$5.48 billion$2.60 billionQ4 20234546.53%-3.65%
STILWELL VALUE LLC$231.50 million$191.49 millionQ4 20233493%4.59%
SUMMIT STREET CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$487.28 million$236.22 millionQ4 20233147.43%5.39%
THIRD AVENUE MANAGEMENT LLC$1.29 billion$609.27 millionQ4 20235950.18%2.15%
TRIAN FUND MANAGEMENT, L.P.$7.15 billion$7.01 billionQ4 20239100%6.57%
UBS OCONNOR LLC$14.94 billion$1.39 billionQ4 202349426.8%-73.95%
VAN DEN BERG MANAGEMENT I, INC$461.45 million$301.14 millionQ4 202310543%5.53%
VULCAN VALUE PARTNERS, LLC$8.10 billion$6.81 billionQ4 20234656.51%3.79%
YACKTMAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LP$15.24 billion$10.75 billionQ4 20237046.75%5.96%