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Name of Fund AUM 13-F Portfolio Value Last 13-F Filed # Positions Concentration in Top 10 % Change (QoQ)
12 WEST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$1.51 billion$1.12 billionQ4 20232084.91%1.81%
ABDIEL CAPITAL ADVISORS, LP$2.61 billion$1.92 billionQ4 2023899.99%-15.74%
ALTIMETER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LP$8.57 billion$6.02 billionQ4 20231199.98%14.33%
ARK INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC$13.88 billion$14.44 billionQ1 202423047.17%-14.49%
ASHFORD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC$791.75 million$746.44 millionQ4 20239336.16%9.88%
BARES CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC.$2.72 billion$2.55 billionQ4 20233285.28%8.85%
CAS INVESTMENT PARTNERS, LLC$585.30 million$826.69 millionQ4 2023599.99%5.98%
CAT ROCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LP$1.55 billion$659.73 millionQ4 202310100%-1.7%
COATUE MANAGEMENT LLC$47.88 billion$23.84 billionQ4 202310030.07%20.98%
DRAGONEER INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC$21.73 billion$4.61 billionQ4 20232877.33%6.02%
DRIEHAUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$12.69 billion$8.30 billionQ4 202337919.19%7.91%
GABELLI FUNDS LLC$19.31 billion$12.99 billionQ4 2023111912.34%5.37%
GLADSTONE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLP$1.94 billion$853.41 millionQ4 20231498.12%-12.86%
GLYNN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$1.57 billion$534.92 millionQ4 20234260.6%16.25%
ICONIQ CAPITAL, LLC$77.24 billion$5.36 billionQ4 20236578.64%5.37%
JERICHO CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT L.P.$3.76 billion$3.27 billionQ4 20232761.81%11.15%
JS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$835.83 millionQ4 20232568.14%13.98%
KORA MANAGEMENT LP$1.19 billion$405.97 millionQ4 20236100%4.87%
LIGHT STREET CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$861.55 million$333.92 millionQ4 20232173.55%-1.73%
LONE PINE CAPITAL LLC$17.08 billion$11.56 billionQ4 20232556.22%11.44%
MATRIX CAPITAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LP$7.61 billion$9.72 billionQ4 20231994.25%16.54%
MAVERICK CAPITAL LTD$7.43 billion$4.98 billionQ4 202334847.6%12.46%
POLEN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$36.05 billion$41.49 billionQ4 202310763.95%9.1%
PRESCOTT GENERAL PARTNERS LLC$1.48 billion$1.73 billionQ4 20239100%10.27%
SANDS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC$38.91 billion$32.90 billionQ4 20237444.81%11.98%
SCGE MANAGEMENT, L.P.$8.07 billion$4.48 billionQ4 20232183.73%16.4%
SHAWSPRING PARTNERS LLC$977.93 million$609.16 millionQ4 2023699.99%1.98%
SPRUCE HOUSE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC$1.32 billion$1.27 billionQ4 2023699.99%13.08%
SQN INVESTORS LP$494.60 million$159.64 millionQ4 20231776.2%-7.65%
SYLEBRA CAPITAL LTD$7.33 billion$1.88 billionQ3 20232083.8%-22.8%
THORNTREE CAPITAL PARTNERS LP$570.19 million$608.73 millionQ4 20232562.47%59.21%
TIGER GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LLC$58.52 billion$14.05 billionQ4 20233971.59%3.62%
TYBOURNE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (HK) LTD$671.16 millionQ4 20233568.31%-6.22%
WHALE ROCK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC$7.96 billion$5.59 billionQ4 20233852.86%12.96%
ZEVENBERGEN CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LLC$3.03 billion$4.34 billionQ4 20239846.72%11%