Announcing the Launch of InsideArbitrage Plus

  • October 11, 2021

When we launched InsideArbitrage Premium more than three years ago, we got some great feedback from our subscribers and we also heard from some of you that the price was out of reach for retail investors. At launch, we covered two investment strategies (insider trading and merger arbitrage) and since then we have significantly expanded the breath and depth of the products by adding more strategies (spin-offs, buybacks, SPACs) and more tools. For example, we expanded the number of Twitter accounts our merger news page crawls to over 20,000 accounts. These accounts were curated through a combination of human selection and an algorithm that looked for patterns. We also built a stock metrics page that combines basic metrics about a company with over 10 years of insider transactions and buyback information (both announcements and actual buybacks) as you can see here for Continental Resources (CLR).

We introduced a comprehensive monthly newsletter with a spotlight idea that is then added to a model portfolio. Positions in the model portfolio are sized based on market conditions and the perceived risk of the position. Two out of the 16 ideas in the model portfolio have doubled since we added them and one has nearly tripled. Ideas added in each of the last four months are in positive territory with three of them registering double digit gains. The fourth one is a merger arbitrage situation. For ideas that are intriguing but not ready for investment yet, we created a watchlist. We provide updates related to key events for portfolio stocks every month. For a sample of our monthly newsletter check out our October 2021 Special Situations Newsletter here, which we have opened up to everyone for a short period of time.

All of this was done while holding the line on the subscription price and a hassle-free cancellation process if someone was not satisfied with the service. We see a very high retention rate among our subscribers and the vast majority of them choose to renew their subscription, allowing us to build a sustainable growing business that we are able to reinvest in.

We are now pleased to announce the launch of InsideArbitrage Plus, an affordable service that focuses on content for those investors that don’t necessarily need all the tools we built for InsideArbitrage Premium.

InsideArbitrage Plus includes,

  • A monthly newsletter with a spotlight idea
  • A mid-month update with a concise idea
  • Model Portfolio
  • Insider Weekends including a full list of management purchases from the prior week
  • Merger Arbitrage Mondays including a list of all active deals every week

This new service is priced at less than a dollar a day if you choose the annual subscription option. The monthly subscription is $40/month.

IA Plus Launch Sale

For a limited period of 10 days we are offering a 25% launch discount to the already low rates of the InsideArbitrage Plus service with the use of the promo code PlusLaunch. With this additional discount, the annual subscription price drops to $270 and the monthly subscription drops to $30.

Click here to subscribe to InsideArbitrage Plus.