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October 2021 Mid-Month Update: Healthcare Trust of America (HTA)

  • October 16, 2021
This is a new series of posts that we are going to publish mid-month for InsideArbitrage Premium and InsideArbitrage Plus subscribers. This series of posts will contain updates related to the model portfolio (if any) or a new quick idea. This month we are choosing to write about a new investment idea that showed up on our radar a few days ago as a potential deal. Analysis of Deals-in-the-Works We track chatter about potential deals in the Deals-in-the-Works (DITW) section of the website. We started tracking these “potential” deals nearly four years ago and built a tool for premium subscribers to see which of these rumored deals eventually came to fruition and which ones failed. To avoid speculative noise or baseless rumors, we restricted the types of deals we included in this DITW tool and described them in the disclaimer section of this tool as, “These potential deals are ones where i) the company has indicated that it is “seeking strategic alternatives”, ii) there has been an unsolicited bid for a company as mentioned in a press release by the company or iii) news about the deal has been published by a leading news organization like The Wall Street Journal, The New...

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