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Festival of Stocks #41

  • June 17, 2007

InsideArbitrage is honored to host the Festival of Stocks #41, a weekly blog carnival featuring recent posts by contributing investment blog authors.

If this is your first time on InsideArbitrage, please feel free to explore this blog, read the investment newsletters in the archives section or check out the model portfolio, which automatically updates itself during market hours.

Here is the list of submissions for this festival.

  1. Bryan Moore of TheFinancialWhiz.com discusses a very interesting investment strategy that utilizes mutual funds to generate “hedge fund”-like returns. The performance has been consistent over the past 4 and a half years with little downdraw and less volatility than the S&P 500 index.
  2. Eddie Bravo of the rather uniquely titled blog Value tudo investing has a lengthy and very interesting post about exploring the universe of stocks that are selling at a discount to their net current asset value. The comments at the end of this post add more color to the topic and made it my favorite amongst all the submissions this week.
  3. Tyler McKinna of Dividend Money submits Where Did The Cash Flow Go?, a discussion on how the debt-to-equity ratio would be a more viable method of evaluating companies that have recently merged.
  4. Bill Trent of Stock Market Beat is back with a post that has a mind-bender title of What to Expect When You’re Expecting? The Unexpected. In case you are wondering, this post has nothing to do with babies and everything to do with Adobe’s (ADBE) quarterly results.
  5. I scored an interview with the head of TCS America and in the same week was interviewed by a Dow Jones reporter about WisdomTree.
  6. Average Joe of Investment Jungle (not to be confused with the other more urban Average Joe) analyzes UnitedHealth Group (UNH). This post was of particular interest to me as I had the misfortune of picking UnitedHealth Group for the InsideArbitrage model portfolio right before the mother of all option scandals broke out.
  7. Unless I am mistaken, the Investment Jungle Average Joe also happens to operate another website called Dividends Matter and is impressed by the dividend history and current dividend yield of the King of Beers, Anheuser-Busch Companies (BUD).
  8. To wrap up this festival check out this post titled London to overtake New York and rival Silicon Valley. While this post is not directly related to stocks, it makes for an interesting read.

Hosting for the next festival of stocks is still open and if you would like to volunteer to host it on your blog, please drop George of FatPitchFinancials.com an email.