Are You A Better Stock Predictor Than Me?

  • June 11, 2007

After getting off to a great start in 2005 and turning in a spectacular performance in 2006, the InsideArbitrage model portfolio has only turned in a modest gain in 2007, hurt by my bearish sentiment. A friend of mine who recently joined an exciting new start-up called Jambaz, introduced me to their stock picking game that just about might restore my stock picking mojo.

I get to play this game every single day by predicting the direction of five stocks and scoring points if my predictions turn out to be correct. As readers of InsideArbitrage know, I am a long-term investor who is happy to get the direction of a stock right in a one to three year time frame and have no idea where a stock might go tomorrow or even next week. However I figured it would be fun to try my hand at daily predictions of five technology stocks that already belong in the model portfolio. These five stocks are Airspan Networks (AIRN), Alvarion (ALVR), Logitech (LOGI), EMC (EMC) and (CRM).

To allow InsideArbitrage subscribers and visitors to participate in this game, I have included the game “widget” on the right hand navigation menu (it has red capital letters proclaiming “BEAT ASIF”) and have also included it in on our sister website You would be playing this game against me as well as other people who join this game either from InsideArbitrage or MustFeed. If you win, you not only get bragging rights of defeating me at my own game but you also get a video iPod loaded with Wallstrip videos. In case you were interested, Wallstrip was recently acquired by CBS for a few million dollars just months after it was launched.

There is also a “global” prize of $500 for the best stock “predictor” across all websites hosting this game widget. I just learnt that the video iPod is the global prize and the $500 cash prize might make a comeback in future games. So give your luck a try by registering or signing in from this multi-tasking widget and let the stock predicting begin.