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Yield Guru Introductory Pricing is Back

  • May 9, 2024

Yield GuruI was very excited to have my friend Shailesh launch the new Yield Guru service on InsideArbitrage last year because he is one of the best income focused investors I know. Whether it is dividend stocks, preferred stocks, bonds, options, merger arbitrage or some combination of these instruments and strategies, Shailesh has an uncanny ability to squeeze out an attractive yield.

In the seven months since he launched the service, he has written about more than 10 ideas across instruments and his returns speak for themselves in his completely transparent model portfolio.

Given below is a small excerpt from his Q1 2024 update:

We’ve closed two positions during this period, realizing an impressive 85% gain on the SAVE options play and achieving an annualized return of over 30% from RILYO bonds. 

Our model portfolio for preferreds and bonds has locked in annualized yields ranging from 7.7% to over 30%, with the potential for further gains of up to 39% should the preferred stocks get redeemed. The covered call options in our portfolio, target income yields from 10% to 33%.  Lastly, we continue to collect dividends from our common stock holdings, with yields exceeding 6% for PFE while awaiting management execution, and 9% for RITM as we anticipate the unfolding interest rate story. Overall, our portfolio presents a promising income story in the making as we continue to build towards full investment.

Every month I not only look forward to collaborating with him on ideas but also understand how he plans to take those ideas and maximize the yield from them.

For the first time in over seven months since launch, I convinced him to offer a promotion for one week on the annual subscription by dropping the price from $360/year to just $240/year. You can check out the service and sign up for it here. As always, you can cancel any InsideArbitrage service directly from the website with no human intervention and receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription..