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InsideArbitrage Event Driven Monitor – May 8, 2024

  • May 8, 2024
Merger Arbitrage AGTI: The acquisition of Agiliti Inc (AGTI) by an affiliate of private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners was completed on May 7, 2024. It took 71 days for the deal to be completed. MOR: On May 6, 2024, Novartis (NVS) announced that the takeover offer to acquire the outstanding shares of MorphoSys (MOR) has been validly declared and accepted. ACI: The US Justice Department backed Colorado’s bid to block the merger between supermarket giants Kroger (KR) and Albertsons (ACI), saying federal laws don’t preclude parallel state antitrust lawsuits. HA: Hawaiian (HA) and Alaska (ALK) officially confirmed substantial compliance with the Second Request from the DOJ. The certification of substantial compliance triggers the start of the 90-day period that expires on August 5, 2024. ADTH: AdTheorent (ADTH) announced the expiration of the waiting period under the HSR Act on May 6, 2024. You can check out new deals, all deal updates, and spreads on active deals in our Merger Arbitrage Tool for premium members here. Deal in the Works IP: According to Reuters, Brazilian pulp and paper company Suzano has approached International Paper (IP) to express interest in an all-cash acquisition that would be worth almost $15 billion. SELF: Etude Storage Partners, an investment firm focused on self-storage, in a...

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