Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – End Of An Era

  • June 3, 2022


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The Story of Zale

Most valuable lessons from January 2020 till now

They have to do QT

The US Housing Market is clearly slowing

Spirit SAVE - Frontier ULCC update merger agreement

Kohl's both drops and climbs on its sales process

A thread about SPACs

RH Share Repurchase

Jaw dropping losses for Tiger Global

Shery Sandberg exits Meta (FB)

Elastic Cloud Revenue

New York passed a bitcoin mining ban

Any idea why @SECGov sells the stock market equivalent to a “Disneyland Fast Pass”


31 things I learned from growing up in dysfunction and deprivation and climbing out of it

doc on polymathic Ben Franklin

Gen Z is confronting a choice at work: money or mission?

How to find the right mentors in your life

The U.S. will forgive all $5.8 billion in student loans tied to defunct Corinthian Colleges