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Insider Weekends: Cluster of Insider Sales at Coinbase

  • October 24, 2021

The San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing a strong storm this weekend that has caused disruptions like power outages and flooding. I’ve unfortunately been without power for several hours and my usual fallback of a mobile hotspot did not work (a mobile tower is probably also impacted). So unfortunately I am not including any commentary with this post and am going to stick to highlighting the top 5 insider purchases and sales this week.

Welcome to edition 590 of Insider Weekends. Insider buying decreased last week with insiders purchasing $101.39 million of stock purchased compared to $150.04 million in the week prior. Selling on the other hand increased to $1.88 billion compared to $1.36 billion in the week prior.

Sell/Buy Ratio: The insider Sell/Buy ratio is calculated by dividing the total insider sales in a given week by total insider purchases that week. The adjusted ratio for last week went up to 18.55. In other words, insiders sold almost 19 times as much stock as they purchased. The Sell/Buy ratio this week was unfavorable compared to the prior week when the ratio stood at 9.07.

Notable Insider Buys:

1. Truist Financial Corporation (TFC): $64.44

CEO William H. Rogers Jr. acquired 67,000 shares of this regional bank, paying $61.85 per share for a total amount of $4.14 million. Mr. Rogers increased his stake by 10.38% to 712,513 shares with this purchase.

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