Premium Post: Fund Positions Updated and a Spinoff Situation

In our last premium post we discussed a new feature where we are gathering 13F data from the SEC for a group of over 30 funds and are displaying how many of these funds hold certain positions in the  Merger Arbitrage Tool (MAT). The deadline to file the 13F forms for Q2 2019 was August 14 and we captured the data for the last quarter shortly thereafter. It was interesting to see that three funds that had a position in Sprint (S) in Q1 2019 decided to exit their positions in Q2 2019, while a new fund decided to start a new position in Sprint. Paul Tudor Jones’ Tudor Investment started a tiny position worth just $198,000 in Sprint. Considering the value of the positions they reported in their latest 13F was $3.51 billion and that they had over 1,000 positions, this Sprint position seems inconsequential unless they were just getting started with building a position at the end of the last quarter. We are now working on some enhancements to this feature and plan to release these enhancements in the coming weeks. But I digress. The purpose of this post was to discuss an interesting spinoff situation. ...

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