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Subscribing to Inside Arbitrage is like having your own hedge fund COO to help generate ideas and monitor events at a fraction of the price.

I can’t remember exactly when I came across Asif, but I imagine it was back at least 15 years ago.

Asif has been a prolific writer detailing countless stock over the years.

Why have I followed him for so long? He finds interesting companies that often times I’ve never heard of, but by the time I finish reading his analysis of the company, it seems I am as informed as I could be.

Asif doesn’t just look at the positives of the companies he is looking at investing in, he goes just as much into details of the possible negatives that could emerge.

At the end of it, he gives a clear thesis on why the chosen company would make it into his investment portfolio. While the majority of his stock picks are on the long side, he does offer up from time to time potential short picks as well as option plays.

He has been very successful with this approach for countless years, and for those fortunate to subscribe to his newsletter or come across one of his many readings, the individual will end up gaining a much better perspective and become that much more enriched by the process.

I fully recommend Asif and his subscription to anyone who is looking to build their nest egg, whether the person is just starting out or has been investing for many decades.

I have been a subscriber to Inside Arbitrage since 2018. I have found the service extremely useful and I consider it a “must have” for anyone investing in merger arbitrage and other event driven strategies. Asif Suria and his team are always making improvements to the service and have a real commitment to their subscribers. I am pleased to recommend Inside Arbitrage to anyone interested in event driven investing.

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