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Accessible Luxury is now Persona Non Grata – InsideArbitrage Friday Wrap

  • May 31, 2024


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

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Special Situations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Conco Merger

AY Merger

CALTX Merger

CALT Merger

ATRI Merger

SRDX Merger

CPRI Investing

X Merger Update

FUSN Merger Update

JNJ Merger

CVX Merger Update

CATC Merger Update

CTLT Merger Update

INBX Merger Update

WIRE Merger Update

MGRC Merger Hurdle

VZIO Merger Hurdle

CPRI Merger Hurdle

Merger Hurdles

JNJ Merger Completion

ERF Merger Completion

Potential Deals

Potential Deals

PARA Potential Deal

SHCO Potential Deal

NABL Potential Deal

MMLP Potential Deal

Stericycle Potential Deal

Double Eagle Potential Deal

Stock Buybacks


NVDA Buyback

MNST Buyback

TLNE Tender Offer

A Repurchase

ZBH Repurchase

HOOD Repurchase

CHWY Repurchase

Management Changes

Portillo Management Change

PATH Management Change

T&T Management Change

FF Management Change

InsidersSOFI Insider Buying

DAKT Insiders


NVDA Investing

BH Investing

S&P Momentum

S&P Investing

DJT Investing

IKNA Investing

Athleisure Debate

The U.S. Economy

US Economy Growth

US Economy