Insider Weekends: First Insider Purchase at Silicon Valley Bank in Over a Year

  • January 8, 2023
Just as we did last week, we decided to go beyond the top five insider purchases and chose to write about a company that we found interesting. Incorporated in March of 1999, SVB Financial Group (SIVB) is both a bank holding company as well as a diversified financial services company. The company’s primary subsidiary is Silicon Valley Bank, through which it offers commercial and private banking services. SVB Financial also has three other divisions: SVB Capital, SVB Private, and SVB Securities, and through these four different businesses, the company is able to offer a variety of services ranging from venture investing to fund management. Unlike most investment banks, SVB Financial Group (and through it, Silicon Valley Bank) is focused on the “innovation economy” and given its location in the heart of Silicon Valley, primarily lends money to technology and life science companies. It caters its wealth management and private banking towards venture capital professionals, executive leaders, and other high net worth individuals in the area. However, as a downside of focusing on these growth and tech companies, the bursting of the technology bubble last year impacted SVB Financial, and the stock was down over 65% in 2022. 2021 was a...

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