Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – Bed Bath and Far Beyond

  • January 7, 2023


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

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Special Situations

2022: A Year in Review and the Launch of a New Website


$DCP Midstream #stock up 5% as Phillips 66 moves to grow its stake

Microsoft is prepared to fight tooth and nail for Activision.

Some thoughts on competition law and enforcement in Canada, based on the Rogers/Shaw merger.

Sierra Wireless gains as Semtech deal HSR waiting period terminated

$opnt reading yesterday’s filing

Germany's Brenntag $BNTGF ends takeover talks with U.S. rival Univar $UNVR

Western Digital and Kioxia have restarted merger talks

This deal has been simmering for years. Would be exciting for it to finally happen

Vince McMahon plans to return to WWE following his retirement in 2022 amid a sexual-harassment scandal in order to pursue a sale of the business

Bed Bath & Beyond said it had “substantial doubt” about its future, and warned investors that bankruptcy was possible.

A first effort to open the 2023 IPO window

General Electric $GE has officially spun out GE Healthcare $GEHC and it’s now trading as its own stock

Within 2 months of authorizing a $300 million share repurchase program, $WIX has already used $243 million of it

$COLL Big day up 14% on 399% above average volume


If you thought 2022 was brutally painful, look at it in comparison to 2008

Venture capital deals fell meaningfully in 2022

The FOMC minutes provide next to no discussion around how much officials want to raise rates at the February meeting

Was checking out the recent investor presentation for single family home rental REIT American Homes 4 Rent $AMH and was surprised by this graph.

In a blow to the digital ad industry, European regulators ruled Meta can't use its contracts with users to justify sending them ads based on online activity

Have not been particularly concerned about $Meta's business.

Amazon layoffs to exceed 17,000, the largest number of cuts revealed so far at a major tech company $AMZN

Imagine a world where you Bing for recipes and directions, while making jokes about Google and Facebook being for old people the way we talk about Yahoo now.

We searched for keywords like "ROIC" and "FCF" in our slide database, looking for companies with a great capital allocation framework.

China is hitting the pause button on public investment in the semiconductor industry just as the US is ramping up... Why? China's efforts haven't really worked...