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InsideArbitrage Event Driven Monitor – January 11, 2023

  • January 11, 2023
Editor’s Note: Last weekend we did a soft launch of a brand new version of the InsideArbitrage website. We are currently working through any issues and minor fixes in preparation for the full launch next week. The site now includes a new section called “Gurus” and a new premium screen of top performing insiders. Your feedback has already helped us identify and fix a few issues. Starting next week, the price of our premium service will increase. Existing subscribers will remain grandfathered at the current price. Quick updates on the event driven strategies we follow on InsideArbitrage. Merger Arbitrage MaxLinear (MXL) CFO Steve Litchfield said at a Needham conference that the company’s planned purchase of Silicon Motion Technology (SIMO) is on track to be completed by mid 2023. He said, “Everything seems to be on track or moving as expected. Most of these deals are taking close to 12 months and that’s why we set the time frame where it is and it seems to be playing out that way.” Apollo Endosurgery (APEN) announced that the special meeting of stockholders will be on February 9, 2023. First Brands Group launched its tender offer with respect to its merger agreement with Horizon Global Corporation (HZN)....

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