Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – Inflation In Focus

  • August 12, 2022


Our list of curated tweets for the current week


Inflation remains far too high and not near our price stability goal

The CPI report came in way below expectations both on a headline

What's in Inflation Reduction Act

Government in America

Bond yields nudge lower as cooler inflation report reverberates

Food Inflation

Special Situations


The pace and amount of share repurchasing we’re doing is more than we’ve ever done at Markel before.


The ACCC will not oppose Google’s $GOOG acquisition of $MNDT Mandiant

Executive Chairman of Energy Transfer $ET picked up $12.67 million worth of units


In 1986, Buffett ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal

Want to know the cutting edge technology in applied behavioral finance?


Did the lawyers mess this up? $ILMN

Wheels up for global JETS industry