Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – Buybacks Under Attack

  • August 5, 2022


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

Stock Buybacks

A quick thread on the 1% excise tax on stock buybacks that the Senate is now adding to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Stock buybacks do not automatically increase share value!

Senate Democrats are considering adding a 1% tax on stock buybacks to their tax

Apple raising cash thru a bond sale to fund buybacks and insiders are not buying Stock?

$ABNB reports earnings & plan to buy back $2B of shares

Users are no longer just using $ABNB for travel.

Special Situations

Surprised other middle market investment banks didn't go up much on this news

Apollo-led group to take Atlas Air private for $3 billion

Very well run company with a large contract with Amazon.

$AMZN buying $IRBT for $1.7bn.

Twtr’s response to Musk’s not-yet-public counterclaim makes for sinfully enjoyable reading.

Brigham Minerals $MNRL, a company that owns the rights to extract oil and natural gas from land across numerous U.S. shale basins, is exploring options that include a sale or a merger

3M to spin off healthcare business

Signify Health went public in February 2021. Now, it is exploring a possible sale and other strategic alternatives.


If you read Greenblatt’s book (You Can Be A Stock Market Genius) you will remember his commentary to “Buy All Rights”.

74% of Starbucks' beverage sales were cold.

Costco US traffic adjusted for the Independence Day holiday up a very impressive 5%.

The NWMLS report shows a nearly 30% year-over-year decrease in closed sales

ahead of the $open earnings call tomorrow, a story

Global Events

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan

Singapore defies some of the toughest market conditions in years to issue a maiden 50-year green bond.