Introduction to InsideArbitrage

At some point over the last decade, you stumbled upon my investment website called Suria Investment Newsletter (SINLetter) and subscribed to receive the monthly newsletters. About five years ago, I stopped publishing the newsletters and shifted my focus to two specific investment strategies including legal insider trading and merger arbitrage.

We published information related to both these strategies as two weekly articles called Insider Weekends and Merger Arbitrage Mondays on the blog but you most likely did not receive these articles as you were only subscribed to receive the newsletters.

To recognize this shift and to give the website a much needed upgrade, we are launching the next version of the site and giving it the new name This new incarnation has been in the works for over two years and it is satisfying to see it finally come to fruition. There is some complexity to the site (collecting real time data from the SEC, a merger arbitrage tool that automatically calculates annualized profits and customized alerts to subscribers) but the long development had to do with our developers working on it when they were done with client projects and had some downtime. The website works fine on mobile but is best experienced on a desktop.

Please bear with us if you receive this email twice or experience any other problems with the website. We are working to iron out all the kinks with the new website.

So what is new with the website?

Manage Subscriptions:

One key feature of this new website is to tailor your subscription to meet your interests. So if you are only interested in learning about which insiders are buying or selling the stock of their company, you don’t have to receive any articles related to merger arbitrage. If you are only interested in general investing articles or our book recommendations, you can just subscribe to those categories. Please use the login section of the home page to log in and manage your subscription.

If you would like to stop receiving emails from us altogether, click on the Cancel Subscription link after you login. You can also just respond to this email with “unsubscribe”. We will be sad to see you leave but will take steps to cancel your free subscription shortly.

With the migration of data to this new site, your old password will no longer work. To retrieve your new password, please use the Forgot Password link right below the login area on the home page.

Insider Alerts:

You can get alerts related to insider purchases in specific stocks that are of interest to you as well as more general alerts. Click here to set up your own customized alerts. Please note that there are many errors in SEC filings and you will sometimes get alerts that are not correct. If you start getting too many alerts, you can also fine tune your settings to reduce the number of alerts.

Focus Articles:

Content that used to be behind a paywall is now available to everyone in the Focus Articles section. These are more in-depth articles that we wrote a few years ago and while some are not relevant anymore, others continue to remain relevant.

We will also be adding to this collection of focus articles as we add new content to the site.

Merger Arbitrage:

We have added the ability to filter deals by deal type in our Merger Arbitrage tool. So you can now look at just all cash deals and sort them by the profit or annualized profit columns.

Curated Twitterati:

We have created curated lists of investors on Twitter that fall into the following four categories and have included two of these lists directly on the site:

i) fundamental investors/generalists
ii) investors that often short stocks or take the other side
iii) investors that focus on special situations and
iv) traders

We will add the other two as soon as we are done curating them. When creating these lists, I started with a list of investors I had been following for several years and it was interesting to see how many of them had stopped tweeting or had locked down their accounts. I also reviewed lists maintained by other investors I respected and noticed the same thing with those lists.

Our goal is to continuously curate these lists.

We have a whole lot more planned for this new website but decided to get it out there and get some feedback from you before we build additional features or enhance existing features.

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