Ten Stocks For 2007

  • December 29, 2006

As investors rebalance their portfolios for the New Year, I figured it would be a good idea to share the list of ten stocks that are currently at the top of my watch list and that I may consider buying in 2007. In keeping with the general theme of InsideArbitrage, half this list consists of international stocks.

While these ten stocks are from different industries, have different market caps and originate from various geographical regions, they should not be considered a complete model portfolio. Stocks that have been previously featured in the newsletters or on the InsideArbitrage blog have links pointing to the corresponding investment newsletter or blog entry. So without further ado, here are my ten stocks for 2007.

Company NameSymbolPriceIndustryP/EF P/EP/S
Large-Cap Domestic Stocks
1. AmgenAMGN$68.31Biotechnology28.0215.455.83
2. Diamond Offshore DrillingDO$79.94Oil & Gas18.858.725.64
Small-Cap Domestic Stocks
3. LandecLNDC$10.76Synthetics32.2219.211.19
4. NautilusNLS$14.00Sporting Goods25.2314.000.66
5. Airspan NetworksAIRN$3.70WirelessNANA1.11
International Stocks
6. Barclays BankBCS$58.14Finance13.4310.042.43
7. Teva PharmaceuticalTEVA$31.08Generic Drugs60.1214.393.18
8. EmbraerERJ$41.43Aerospace18.1416.061.94
9. Banco Santander ChileSAN$48.16Finance17.2913.496.34
10. AlvarionALVR$6.72WirelessNA56.002.06