Festival of Stocks #15

  • December 18, 2006

InsideArbitrage is proud to host the Festival of Stocks #15, a weekly blog carnival featuring recent posts by contributing investment blog authors.

If this is your first time on InsideArbitrage, please feel free to explore this blog, read the investment newsletters in the archives section or check out the model portfolio, which automatically updates itself during market hours.

Here is the list of submissions for this festival.

1. H.S Ayoub of BioHealth Investor reminds us that a Weak U.S. Dollar is Good for Biotechs!. In light of the fact that the dollar is down 50% vs. the euro during the last five years and is at a 14 year low against the British pound, biotechs like Amgen (AMGN), Genetech (DNA) and Gilead Sciences (GILD) certainly appear attractive.

2. George of Fat Pitch Financials presents some detailed analysis about the actual value of Pfizer (PFE) in his post Pfizer Price Check. I found this post very interesting because after being bullish about Pfizer all of 2006, I am finally beginning to turn bearish on it. George’s post has made me reconsider my decision to sell Pfizer in early 2007.

3. Investor Trip asks Apple vs. Microsoft: Which Stock is Stronger?. And the winner is …. the stock with the stronger margins that is selling at a discount to its 5 year average P/E.

4. I discuss the possibility of profiting from special situations such as stock splits, spin-offs and special dividends.

5. Bill Trent of Stock Market Beat wonders whether it is a good Time to Fade Out of Adobe?.

6. StockReply attempts to cover all the angles on the out-of-control Liberty empire in the post The Liberty keiretsu.

7. Aussie Investor takes a close look at BTC – BioTech Capital Limited as a potential asset play as well as a diversified play on the Australian biotech sector.

8. John of ControlledGreed.com presents GM: More Popular Than A Year Ago.

9. Thomas Ott of Digital Breakfast – Creating Wealth Everyday presents Small Cap Value Pick – ChipMOS Technologies (IMOS). It looks like ChipMOS has done well since Thomas picked it for his portfolio.

10. While there is no certain way to predict the short-term direction of the market, some investors find market indicators like the The Volatility Index (VIX) and the Hulbert Stock Newsletter Sentiment Index (HSNSI) useful in trying to figure out which way the market may be headed. Frugal of My 1st Million At 33 looks at Commercials And The VIX Fear Index.

11. Mr Juggles presents The OJ Simpson Corollary posted at Long or Short Capital.

12. Brian Schumacher presents Reading the Overall Market Direction posted at Trade 4 Cash.

13. And finally to wrap us this Festival of Stocks, Jeffrey Strain of Personal Finance Advice has a suggestion for a good gift this holiday season.

The next festival will be hosted by Bill Trent at his website Stock Market Beat. Submit your entries here.