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Two New Blogs Worth Checking Out

  • October 5, 2006

With over 12 million blogs in the United States alone, it has become very clear to anyone attempting to navigate the blogosphere looking for useful information that good investment blogs are few and far inbetween. Two blogs that I came across just a few weeks ago and that are relatively new have become my favorites. I try to read them as often as possible because both these bloggers have in-depth knowledge of their industry (it shows in their writing) and do not go about repeating what everyone else is talking about.

The first one is Quant Investor written by George who is (as the about us section on his blog states) a full-time investor who recently retired from his day job as a quantitative programmer at an investment bank. His Worst Mutual Funds blog post makes for some interesting reading. I am not very surprised to see that his blog was mentioned multiple times in James Altucher’s blog watch column on TheStreet.com.

The second blog that I recently discovered is Information Arbitrage by Roger Ehrenberg. While Roger does not write about individual stocks a whole lot, his multiple years of experience on Wall Street clearly show in his writing. His recent blog post titled My Kind of Manager is definitely worth checking out.

Roger is also an angel investor and the President and Chief Operating Officer of Monitor110, a website that appears to be something like MustFeed.com on steroids. Both these blogs also appear under the stocks category on MustFeed.