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The Third Festival Of Stocks

  • September 26, 2006

Value Investing and a Few Cigar Butts is hosting the third Festival of Stocks this week. The Eighty Cent Dollar post by the Inelegant Investor about a bulletin board stock called Cadus Corporation (KDUS.OB) that is trading below the cash value on its books is very interesting. The stock is already up 6.67% since the post was written four days ago.

While it may not be possible to profit greatly from this stock due to liquidity issues, Cadus could be the perfect shell for a company that wants to go public through a reverse merger. An explanation of this method of going public is beyond the scope of this blog and so I will let the Business Law Prof Blog do it for me.

I may not blog a lot until the end of this month as I work on getting the next investment newsletter ready for publishing on October 1st.