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Book Launch: The Event-Driven Edge in Investing

    Last year I met a friend for lunch in Silicon Valley. After working at Google for several years he decided to retire and was checking things off his bucket list. One of the items on his list was going to the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting to see Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger impart their wit and wisdom to a crowd of nearly 40,000 investors.

    I decided to join him last year and I was grateful that I got a chance to see Charlie Munger (from a great distance) months before he passed away. This got me thinking about the things on my bucket list. Writing a book was one of those things. Thanks to some warm introductions by authors like Vitaliy Katsenelson and Tobias Carlisle, I was offered a book deal by London-based Harriman House.

    As I prepared for the launch of the book, I was often asked how long it took to write the book. The short answer was three months followed by a nearly six month editing process. The long answer was that it took 19 years. I became a Seeking Alpha contributor in 2005 and have been consistently writing on my website InsideArbitrage and other platforms for nearly two decades. This book with its 12 case studies resulted from the research I have done on event-driven strategies during the better part of those 19 years.

    The Event-Driven Edge in Investing is out and you can check it out on my publisher’s website here or order a copy on Amazon here.

    The Event-Driven Edge in Investing

    I hope you enjoy the book and expand your investing toolbox with idea generation strategies that most investors don’t often utilize.