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The Buyback Strategy is a Double-Edged Sword- InsideArbitrage Friday Wrap

  • June 7, 2024


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

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Special Situations

Mergers & Acquisitions

WM Merger

SAP Merger

WKME Investing

PWSC Merger

ASXC Merger

HOLI Merger Update

HAYN Merger Hurdle

CPRI Merger Hurdle

ACI KR Merger Hurdle

Potential Deals

PARA Potential Deal

PARA Potential Deal

ONEW Potential Deal

YEXT Potential Deal

SAM Potential Deal

SGRP Potential Deal

IP Potential Deal

INDI Potential Deal

VSTO Potential Deal

CYTK Potential Deal



OTEC SPAC Termination

Stock Buybacks

US Share Buybacks

MNST Tender Offer

ULTA Repurchase

LULU Buyback

NTAP Repurchase

Instacart Buybacks

LAD Buyback

Management Changes

GOOGL Managament Change

HTZ Management Change

SPR Managament Change

SPIRIT Management Change

UNFI Managament Change


NVDA Investing

DELL Investing

Investing US STocks


USD Investing

The U.S. Economy

US Home Prices

US Job Openings