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SilverBow and Crescent Tie The Bow – Merger Arbitrage Mondays

  • May 20, 2024

SilverBow Resources, Inc (SBOW): $36.62

Market Cap: $826.17 M

Deal Size: $2.1 billion

Last week we saw five new deals with three acquirers paying over $2 billion for the target. One of the deals that caught our eye was the acquisition of SilverBow Resources (SBOW) by Crescent Energy Company (CRGY).

The deal is an all-stock deal worth $2.1 billion where the SilverBow shareholders will receive 3.125 shares of Crescent common stock, with an option to receive all or a portion of the proceeds in cash at $38 per share. The company is limiting this cash consideration to $400 million.

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