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Spirit and iRobot Crash – InsideArbitrage Friday Wrap

  • January 19, 2024


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

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Special Situations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Synopsys Acquisition Of Ansys

Giant Acquisition By Synopsys Of ANSYS

Sekisui House Acquires MDC

Miter Brands To Buy PGT Innovations

QSR is Acquiring TAST

Burger King Buying Out Carrols Restaurant Group


Victory For HMST activists

Merger Proxies

JBLU SAVE case laws

SAVE merger Permanently Enjoined

SAVE statement

Closing Out SAVE

Blocked Mergers

Spirit Airlines Examining Options

Spirit Airlines Examining Balance Sheet Options

EU plans To Block IRBT deal

IRBT getting Crushed

CERE and ABBV refile HSR notification


Potential Deals

LL flooring Founder Withdraws Takeover Offer

Stock Buybacks

Share Buybacks Accelerate

Home Builders Buybacks

Homebuilders Value Creation

Alibaba Buying Back Shares

PBUSA stock Buyback Plan

Management Changes

New CEO for Wendys

Michael Burke Named LVMH CEO

Target CFO named COO

Goodyear Tire Names Stellantis Executive As CEO



Rereading The Buffett Fortune Piece


Berkshire Hathaway Buys Liberty Media SiriusXM tracking Stock

Nvidia AMD rise To Record Highs

NVIDIA chart

Buying Cryptocurrency

Dilution Sensitive CEO

Layoffs At Amazon And Google

Macys Cuts Jobs

Nelson Peltzs Disney Board Candidacy

Good News For Foreign Investors

Bank Earnings Update

KRE office Exposure Heatmap

The U.S. Economy

New Plan For Banks By US regulators

US crude Stockpiles Fall