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Interest Rates Are Coming Off 5,000 Year Lows – InsideArbitrage Friday Wrap

  • October 6, 2023


Our list of curated tweets for the current week

Our new income focused service Yield Guru published its first idea earlier this week. The service is free through the end of the year. Check it out here.

Special Situations


$APRN: Blue Apron’s buyout offer is more than double its market value. So why does it feel like a fire sale?

$pnt getting bought out by $lly for an almost 90% premium should give hope to battered bio investors.

POINT, $PNT, is up 85% today.

Today $LLY announced they were buying $PNT for $1.4 billion -- I care because $LNTH has the distribution rights to $PNT's biggest pipeline PSMA therapeutics

$VERY iA Financial Group to Acquire Vericity in $170 million Transaction

And now $LVOX Quote

SP Plus getting bought at 52% premium and a record high, sweet!

$XBI pendulum in biotech has swung too far in the direction of despondency - good to see another acquisition with $ORTX takeout following closely in the footsteps of $ICPT

Elizabeth Warren asks antitrust regulators to examine UnitedHealth's $UNH planned $3.3 billion purchase of home-health provider Amedisys $AMED

Efforts to crack down on M&A activity w/ new merger guidelines and HSR forms are running into opposition from the life sciences industry.

As expected, Horizon Therapeutics $HZNP disclosed today High Court of Ireland sanctioned the Scheme re Amgen $AMGN acquisition Transaction expected to become effective on October 6

Amgen completes $27.8B acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics

October 6th is the CMA’s deadline for feedback on its provisional approval of the deal.

Albertsons drops amid report FTC is likely to challenge Kroger deal

Abcam founder looking at various options amid Danaher takeover

Boaz Weinstein and friends raise bid for Sculptor to about $13 a share, giving them a potential lead in drama-filled battle for former Och-Ziff.

Rithm Capital scrapped plans to increase its offer for Sculptor Capital to $12.20 a share after the hedge fund firm’s founder, Dan Och, withdrew his support for the sweetened deal

Exxon Mobil is closing in on a deal to buy Pioneer Natural Resources

General Atlantic explores sale of software company EngageSmart

Qataris won't raise £5B $MANU bid, per @thetimes

Insider activity slowed significantly over the last several days as companies enter their quiet periods before Q3 earnings.

We don't often see insider buying in Nike $NKE and so it was surprising to see a director pick up $1.26 million worth of stock at an average price of $96.13 according to a form 4 filed last night.

StoneCo Board of Directors authorized a share repurchase program to repurchase up to R$300M shares $STNE

$ITT Announces $1 Billion Share Repurchase Authorization and New Board of Directors Appointments

Good call IMO at a sub $60 share price

Dell to add $5 billion to its share buybacks, aims to grow quarterly dividend by 10% or more annually through 2028

Molson Coors $2 Bil Share Repurchase Over 5 Yrs to "Accelerate Growth".

Novartis $NVS is considering selling assets from its radiopharmaceuticals unit

Novartis spinoff Sandoz makes public debut


It’s a done deal. I am happy to be a shareholder of #lithium’s two most undervalued stocks $LAC & $LAAC aka @LithiumAmericas & @Lithium_ARG

$K Kellanova (formerly Kellogg Company) announces completion of the previously announced separation of its North American cereal business, WK Kellogg Co

$KLG Another spin getting whacked out of the gate

$VSTS Vestis, a provider of uniforms and workplace supplies completes spin-off from Aramark $ARMK


Fear and Greed is now 16

As I read Lewis, I see a phenomenon I’ve seen before.

David Giroux calls it GARP, but GARP done right, is value investing.

Nearly everyone I speak to has no idea the amount of “painstaking” hard work required to beat the market over time.

US stocks are in a massive bubble.

Billionaire investor & X/Twitter fanatic Bill Ackman is eyeing the platform as a possible target for his new investment vehicle.

Is there anything to the $NEE story more than

Wall Street's AI revolution has been years in the making, but firms have found building a market-beating money machine to be harder than they hoped.

30X sales to 1X Sales. Amazing.

The U. S. Economy

The surest way for the Fed to stop long-term rates from screeching higher would be for it to take another rate hike off the table.

The recent spike in bond yields may have briefly cooled the market but the pace of borrowing has been blistering.

The US added another $33 billion of debt in one day yesterday, bringing the 2-day total to $308 billion.

Bofa has a chart of rates going back to **3000 B.C.**

Apartment rents in the U.S. are barely hanging on, rising just 0.1% YoY through September.

After an inflationary impulse it takes time for wages to reset reflect higher prices.

I visited the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC), a government-owned financing institution, to discuss securing a business loan.

The Japanese Yield curve is now the steepest in history.

China's demand for oil and copper is 'booming,' says Goldman Sachs