InsideArbitrage March 2023 Mid-Month Update – New Position and First Horizon Arbitrage

  • March 15, 2023
Over the last three years, I have added several ideas to our watchlist that I liked but wanted to follow for a while or pick up at a more attractive price. Unfortunately in many cases, these companies got away from me and from a recent review of the watchlist, I realized that I would have been much better off buying them right away instead of adding them to the watchlist. Not all the watchlist stocks have gone on to do well, but as is usually the case, the big winners more than pay for the losers in a diversified portfolio. The current market turmoil has hit stocks in specific industries particularly hard and this has created a couple of opportunities. I am going to move a company that was on our watchlist to the model portfolio and double down on an existing position in the portfolio. American Assets Trust (AAT) $18.82 American Assets Trust is a diversified REIT with premium properties covering office (57%), retail (25%) and multifamily (17%) in Western states including California, Oregon, Washington State and Hawaii. I have been following the company for several years and wrote about the company in more detail in our September 2022 Special...

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