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InsideArbitrage Event Driven Monitor – December 26, 2022

  • December 26, 2022
Quick updates on the event-driven strategies we follow on InsideArbitrage. Merger Arbitrage According to Bloomberg, regulators have asked for additional comments on Standard General’s proposed purchase of Tegna (TGNA) after the hedge fund agreed to make concessions to get the deal done. The Federal Communications Commission said in a notice Friday that it wants comments by January 13 on recent letters Standard General sent the regulator. Deal In The Works Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) said it wasn’t in discussions with the cloud computing company Nutanix (NTNX) about a potential acquisition. Fanhua (FANH), announced that Yinan Hu, founder, chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Fanhua, stated that he has determined to withdraw the preliminary non-binding going private proposal dated December 16, 2021, effective immediately. You can check out new deals, all deal updates and spreads on active deals in our Merger Arbitrage Tool for premium members here. Insider Purchases Jack Hightower, the Chief Executive Officer of Oil & Gas E&P company HighPeak Energy, Inc. (HPK), purchased 50,000 shares at an average price of $21.91 totaling $1.1 million. Richard Caring, a Director of the company that owns Soho Houses and The Ned in London Membership Collective Group Inc. (MCG), purchased 109,740 shares at an...

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