Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – Twitter Is Now Private

  • October 28, 2022


Our list of curated tweets for the current week


Special Situations

Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!

Top Twitter execs, including CEO Parag Agrawal, policy head Vijaya Gadde, CFO Ned Segal, and general counsel Sean Edgett have been fired by Elon Musk as he takes over the company

SurveyMonkey owner Momentive Global considers sale

Mobileye's IPO pop ranks at the top with investors wondering when 2022 will bottom out

Intuitive Surgical plans to buy an additional $1 billion worth of its shares under an accelerated stock repurchase agreement.

LKQ Corporation Announces 10% Increase to its Quarterly Dividend and $1 Billion Increase to its Stock Repurchase Program


Q3 Revenue Growth, YoY % Change

We have just witnessed the largest 2 day decline of Mega Cap tech stocks on record.

We just published an Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta Board urging them to tighten their belt and sharpen their investment focus.

$META Headcount was 87,314 as of September 30, 2022, an increase of 28% year-over-year.

With Meta's latest earnings report, stock price is back to what it was in 2016

Meta's business has been kneecapped by Apple, growth has stopped in favor of rivals like TikTok, and it's too late to build a phone.

The Facebook owner has failed to convince investors that big bets on the metaverse and AI are paying off

So for all the leaked news of hiring freezes, $GOOGL employee count jumped 7% or 12,000 over just the past three months.

$GOOGL reported earnings

Pinterest proved an exception to the digital-advertising slog that has roiled much of the tech sector.

$AMZN AWS sales increased by 27% YoY, dipping below 30%. The market doesn’t like it, stock down -22%

Amazon, $AMZN, down nearly 20% in after hours

After all the downward revisions, $MSFT at 22.6x fwd EPS, expected to grow EPS ~15% in the future

Buyers are walking away from pretty sizable earnest money.


One of my favorite fun investor profiles: Herbert Wertheim, the "billionaire optometrist" who manages his $4bn with Fidelity and Schwab accounts.

Not exactly what you typically see near sustainable bear market bottoms.

Yield curve is now fully inverted.

Aluminum fundamentals all about energy and decarbonization push.

Early in my work on $COST, I came across a Jim Sinegal quote where he said culture is the most important thing for the company’s future and I didn’t quite understand it until this week.

Bond vigilantes are truly back.

what is crypto

Chinese spies charged with trying to thwart Huawei investigation

If you want new ideas, read old books.