Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – Market Rebound Inspires Optimism

  • July 8, 2022


Our list of curated tweets for the current week


observations of the 5 things poor investment teams do and thus what to avoid

Just realized how much I learned about investing over the last 3 years

the Inevitability of Bear Markets

Buyers looking for contractual reasons to renegotiate deals

Spirit again delays vote on Frontier deal to continue deal talks with budget airline and JetBlue

Shell $SHEL completed the $8.5bn share buyback programme

founder of duolingo is crazy impressive

Trump left board of his media company ahead of subpoenas

Retirement account balances hit a record high last year

Global Events

Where's that recession? Malls are packed in Paris

Turkey found 694Mt of rare earths

The sovereign wealth fund aims to invest at least $40 billion a year in Saudi Arabia

While Luxembourgers generally express a positive attitude to the free transit policy

Boris Johnson resigns as Prime Minister

Shinzo Abe’s assassination leaves Japan undone