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Inside Arbitrage Friday Wrap – April 8, 2022

  • April 8, 2022

This is a new series we are launching today to highlight interesting developments in the world of investing, global events, entrepreneurship and health that occurred this week. We are doing this through a series of curated Tweets and will add other sources over time. Starting this week, we have increased the frequency with which we publish on Inside Arbitrage. If you are an existing subscriber, you can login to the InsideArbitrage.com website to adjust the kinds of articles you receive by email by turning on or turning off specific categories of articles.


Will the U.S. Dollar retain or lose its reverse currency status? Point from FT and counterpoint from CNN.

Should Elon Musk have filed a 13-D with the SEC considering he was already in talks with Twitter (TWTR) to join its Board of Directors following his 9.1% stake in the company? 

Some underperformance in recent years but if we are heading back to an environment where valuations matter, an investment firm worth paying attention to.

Change Healthcare (CHNG) and UnitedHealth Group extended the date of their merger and Change Healthcare agreed to pay a $2 per share special dividend at or near closing. We will discuss this more in our next Merger Arbitrage Mondays article.

Costco (COST) once again reported same store sales numbers (up 17.2% in March) that would turn any retailer green with envy. But is the valuation getting ahead of itself?

Global Events

The impact of shutdowns in Shanghai and its potential to disrupt global commerce.

Inflation in the U.S. while elevated, pales in comparison to what Turkey is currently experiencing.


I’ve started companies both with co-founders and by myself. While it helps to have co-founders to bounce ideas off, complement your talents and share the burden of building a new company, there are also significant advantages to operating solo if you are able to build a team over time.

Great pointers from taking a speech class. Applies to teaching as well. Especially liked the advice not cram too much into the speech and to end early. 

Supply and demand, and the cycles they create. Pay special attention to the macro environment even if you think the company you are building or investing in, is unique. 


I tried Yoga for the first time a few months ago and loved the experience. I’ll have to try Yoga Nidra next (the non-sleep deep rest referenced in the following tweet).

Watch out WeWork (WE), here comes Equinox.

Voluntary Disclosure: I hold a long position in Twitter (TWTR) and a short position in WeWork (WE) through long-dated put options.