Premium Post: A Deeper Dive Into Lions Gate

I was an early adopter of Amazon Prime, an early Netflix subscriber and cut the cord more than a decade ago. Over the last ten years, I have not missed traditional TV at all and recently when I turned on the TV in a hotel room, I was immediately reminded why I cut the cord. With cord cutting on the rise, the unbundled bundle is finally upon us. In addition to Amazon Prime and Netflix, I also now pay for YouTube premium to get rid of ads and recently signed up for Disney+ for my kids through a founders circle deal that required paying upfront for three years in exchange for a heavily discounted subscription price. Viewers can also choose from Apple TV+, Hulu, HBO Now and myriad other over-the-top streaming services that have helped an aggregator and distributor like Roku (ROKU) more than double in price this year with an enterprise value that eclipsed $12 billion. While this spinoff from Netflix has had an impressive run, it is still less than one-tenth Netflix’s $126 billion enterprise value despite a significant drop in the stock price of Netflix over the last six months thanks to all the new streaming competition...

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