April Newsletter Published But Emails Delayed

  • April 3, 2010

The April 2010 InsideArbitrage covering regional banks in general and Umpqua Holdings (UMPQ) in particular was published on Friday morning but due to email throttling issues at our host, the newsletter went out only to a few subscribers. In other words, our host was not happy with our sending a few thousand emails in a short period of time and hence stopped the outgoing emails after the first couple of hundred emails went out.

To say the least I am not very pleased with this Rackspace (RAX) policy as we did bring this issue up to them before migrating the site to Rackspace and they had assured us that they would take care of email throttling on their end. Rackspace, if you are listening, I have the saved chat transcripts of your reassurance.

We are working on a solution that will send out the emails in short bursts and they should go out once again by Sunday night so that you receive the newsletter before the open of market on Monday morning. However if you would like to access the newsletter before then, we have made the printer friendly version available from this link so that you can access it without having to login to the site.