WisdomTree Update

  • December 8, 2006

The Director of Research at WisdomTree (WSDT.PK) is doing a Q&A session next week at SeekingAlpha, a website I contribute content to. If you have any questions about WisdomTree ETFs (but not their stock), please send me an email through our contact form and I will pass them on to the Editor-in-Chief at SeekingAlpha.

Update: SeekingAlpha has informed me that visitors can leave questions directly for Luciano Siracusano, Director of Research at WisdomTree Asset Management here.

A number of diligent investors noticed a problem with the revenue and earnings assumptions I posted about WisdomTree in the December 2006 edition of InsideArbitrage. I calculated the revenue for WisdomTree as $50 million based on a 0.5% or fifty basis points fee for AUM of  $1 billion. The actual revenue and gross profits work out to $5 million and not $50 million. I regret this error and have posted an update in the newsletter that discusses this change.

In related news, Barclays (BCS), which was also featured in the December 2006 edition of InsideArbitrage was up $2.46 or 4.41% on a report by analysts at Merrill Lynch who claimed that Bank Of America (BAC) is “very interested” in buying Barclays. It was interesting to see that when the same thing was mentioned more than two weeks ago, the stock barely budged.