The Ninth Festival of Stocks

  • November 11, 2006

InsideArbitrage is proud to host the ninth Festival of Stocks, a weekly blog carnival featuring recent posts by contributing investment blog authors.

If this is your first time on InsideArbitrage, please feel free to explore this blog, read the investment newsletters in the archives section or check out the model portfolio, which automatically updates itself every time you visit.

Here is the list of submissions for this festival.

1. Frugal of My 1st Million At 33 reverses his position on Canadian Trusts to Long-term Sell on account of the recent tax law changes that affect all Canadian Trusts. Check out some of the interesting comments following his post.

2.  Ask Uncle Bill makes the case for owning stocks in his post Mr. Market and the Upside Down PE Redux. The French stock market may be attractively valued based on the “Forward Earnings Yield” discussed in this post.

3. George of Fat Pitch Financials presents his current thoughts on REIT Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Editor Note: With the Indian real estate market booming along with the BSE Sensex, which has more than doubled over the last two years, international REITs are certainly worth consideration.

4. I make the case against owning online discount broker TD Ameritrade (AMTD) due to a drop in trading volume, a slowing economy and Bank of America’s decision to offer free stock trades. A comment by a subscriber sparked an interesting debate about the Bank of America offer.

5. Fedor of Forexblog feels that Leverage is not even a double-edged sword, it’s a guillotine. Editor Note: The collapse of Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) and the recent debacle at hedge fund Amaranth Advisors shows how dangerous leverage can be even in experienced hands. While Amaranth had borrowed about $8 for every $1 in assets, its leverage pales in comparison to LTCM, which had borrowed almost $250 for every $1 in assets.

6. Dan Carty of Traders Insights presents some well reasoned bullish thoughts about MGM Mirage (MGM) in his post MGM: Good Quarter…More to Come?.

7. The Inelegant Investor decides that Blair Corporation (BL) is too rich for him at these levels in his creatively named post The Which Blair (BL) Project.

8. Enough Wealth writes about the Australian government’s decision to sell-off their controlling stake in  telecom company Telstra in his post AU shares: T3 share float. (Scroll down to get to the actual post).

9. Super Saver of My Wealth Builder presents his thoughts about managing risks in his post Investing 101 – Managing Risk Successfully.

10. David of Worldwide Success asks When is the right time to invest?.

11.Paul Paulson weighs in with his thoughts about the “perceived bull market” in his post Bull Market?.

12. And finally to wrap us this Festival of Stocks, Gold Stock Bull takes A Closer Look  at Tagish Lake Gold Corp.

The next festival will be hosted once again by Geoff Gannon at his website Gannon On Investing. Submit your entries here.