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It Is Finally Out In The Open

  • August 8, 2006

InsideArbitrage is primarily a website dedicated to stock investing and hence it should come as no surprise that many first time visitors find InsideArbitrage by searching for terms like “stock investment newsletter” or “infosys 2006 split”. While examining the website logs, I was very surprised to find that quite a few visitors also came looking for an image I uploaded a long time ago that contains the database schema for an ecommerce shopping cart. I posted a link to this image on a web developer forum and forgot all about it until I started seeing consistent traffic to my website on account of this image.

I created this database schema and the corresponding code for an ecommerce shopping cart a long time ago for a potential client. Since there are no links to this image from within InsideArbitrage, I figured I would bring it out in the open through this blog so that visitors who want to build a shopping cart can use it. With the abundance of stable and feature rich commercial shopping carts like ZenCart and ecommerce hosting plans, I cannot imagine why someone would want to build a shopping cart from scratch.

For those brave programmers who want to build a shopping cart, given below is the schema I created.

Shopping Cart Database Schema
(click on the picture to see a bigger image)

The code uses a two dimensional array to retain items in the shopping cart. If you would like the ASP code, let me know using our contact us form and I will email it to you.