Google Finance Is Finally Here

  • March 21, 2006

Google’s name is synonymous with information and it should come as no surprise that Google (GOOG) would also want a piece of the financial news pie. This morning Google launched Google Finance. The design looks clean and all the panels that show up when you lookup a stock are similar to Google News. Some cool features include the display of blog postings that are related to the stock you are looking up and the presentation of all the information on a single page. The “Related Companies” section appears to display a whole lot more companies when compared to Yahoo Finance’s “Competitors” section. However when I looked up the related companies for InsideArbitrage picks VA Software (LNUX) and Medifast (MED), the companies that showed up were all across the spectrum.

The decision to tie Google groups to Google Finance as an alternative to Yahoo Message Boards is a welcome one. Hopefully they will not get inundated with the mindless chatter or political bickering that is often seen on Yahoo Message Boards. At the end of the day I still feel that Yahoo Finance with its wealth of information and familiarity will continue its reign as the king of financial websites.

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