Inside Arbitrage Irresistible Bundle Sale

Inside Arbitrage and Stock Spin-Off Investing come together to offer you a special Black Friday bundle.

Inside Arbitrage and Stock Spin-Off Investing Black Friday Sale

When we launched Inside Arbitrage Premium nearly four years ago, our primary focus was to create great tools for various event-driven strategies. At launch, we covered two investment strategies (insider trading and merger arbitrage) and since then we have significantly expanded the breath and depth of our product by adding more strategies (spin-offs, buybacks, SPACs) and more tools.

As time progressed, our subscribers asked us to also provide them with analysis about various special situations and towards that end we introduced a comprehensive monthly newsletter with a spotlight idea. The idea is added to a model portfolio with position sizing adjusted based on market conditions and risk of the position. For ideas that are intriguing but not ready for investment yet, we created a watchlist. For a sample of our monthly newsletter check out our October 2021 Special Situations Newsletter here, which we have opened up to everyone for a short period of time.

Most of our spotlight ideas are focused on either insider trading or merger arbitrage. What we were missing was analysis related to spin-offs. An investor that I highly respect and follow, Rich Howe of Stock Spin-Off Investing, does an excellent job doing deep dives into spin-off situations. Rich is a CFA Charterholder and previously worked for Eaton Vance and Citi’s private equity research group. He spends as much as 40 hours researching and analyzing a stock before writing a report that can range from 6 to 18 pages. Given his in-depth work and outstanding track record (his average return is 29.1%, beating the S&P 500 by 12.9%), I reached out to Rich recently to see if he wanted to partner and collaborate on a Black Friday promotion, where our subscribers would receive a bundle of both our services at an irresistible low price.

An annual subscription to Rich’s service costs $629 and an annual subscription to Inside Arbitrage Premium is $900. For one week only, we are launching a joint promotion where new subscribers can get both services for one low price of $629/year. You would receive the best of both worlds: the tools from Inside Arbitrage and the deep work that Rich does on his website. Sign up for this great deal by using this link on Rich’s website.