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Things you can expect from this service:

  1. Daily emails from Tuesday through Friday that highlight the top insider purchases from the previous day after clearing out all the noise and transactions by funds.
  2. A proprietary model that rates these purchases on a simple 1 to 10 scale that helps you decide which stocks to explore and which ones to avoid. The model looks at 20 different criteria including recent insider purchases to rate stocks.
  3. Indication of the stocks I am purchasing for my personal portfolio.
  4. Intra-day alerts about interesting insider purchases and trades we are making via a dedicated Twitter account called insideractivity. This is a protected Twitter account and you will have to send us an email to get access to this account.
  5. A weekly summary post covering both insider purchases and sales called Insider Weekends that is published directly on the site on Sundays.
  6. Weekly focus articles that explore one investment in greater detail than is possible through the daily reports.
  7. A Model Portfolio and Watch List that track stocks featured in the weekly focus articles.