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I met Dave Callaway in the mid-2000s when he invited me to stop by’s San Francisco offices where he was the Editor-in-Chief. I enjoyed the meeting and appreciated some of the feedback he provided to me during my early days as an author. I continued to follow the trajectory of his career as he went on to become the Chief Editor of USA Today and eventually the CEO of

When the remnants of were sold in 2019, I wrote an article titled The Ghost of TheStreet Sells Itself.

I happened to reconnect with Dave recently when I learned that he had started a new venture called Callaway Climate Insights that provides news, critical analysis and original perspectives on the opportunities presented by the growing dedication to finding global solutions to the challenges of climate change.

I showed him what I had built on InsideArbitrage for event-driven investors and we decided to partner to launch a service that brings together both publications. For a limited time, we are offering both services for one low price. You get a two for one deal at $360 per year that includes,

Callaway Climate Insights

A newsletter dedicated to covering the business of climate change. Includes daily premium content on the Callaway Climate Insights website. The service spotlight innovators, entrepreneurs and the financial muscle behind the world’s struggle to adapt to the climate crisis brought to you by some of the finest journalists from around the globe.

InsideArbitrage Plus Service

A monthly newsletter focused on event-driven strategies that include two spotlight ideas each month. Several weekly articles covering insider buying analysis, M&A roundup and arbitrage spreads, management changes, share repurchases and more. The service also includes a model portfolio, watchlist and historical trades.

A special quarterly newsletter that highlights M&A activity, insider transactions, share repurchases, spinoffs and management changes for a curated list of companies associated with climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your transaction is complete, your email address will be sent to both Dave and Asif and you should access to both services by the end of the day.

Every week you will receive a newsletter dedicated to covering the business of climate change.

At the start of each month, you will receive a comprehensive monthly newsletter that includes market commentary, two spotlight ideas, updates related to positions in our model portfolio, the top 10 insider purchases and sales from the prior month, updates on mergers and acquisitions from the prior month and more.

We will also send a mid-month update that might include a quick idea or updates related to companies in our model portfolio.

You can track the performance of our model portfolio here and can review our watchlist of ideas. Clicking on the little + sign to the left of the symbol on the model portfolio or the watchlist will let you easily navigate to the newsletter that discussed the idea.

You will receive our weekly Insider Weekends article that will include all management insider purchases and sales from the prior week with links to every form 4 filing. You will also receive our weekly Merger Arbitrage Mondays article that will include a list of all active U.S. mergers and acquisitions along with their spreads. Clicking on the little + sign to the left of the symbol will open a view that will allow you to see the original press release announcing the deal, a link to the merger agreement on EDGAR, links to the investor relations websites and every update since the deal was announced.

The Other Good Stuff:

Your subscription comes with access to “enhanced tools” like our investment checklists tool and the Beginner’s Guide to Event Driven Investing E-book. You can also check out our Reading List, our introduction to legal Insider Trading, our introduction to Merger Arbitrage or our Beginner’s Guide.

Event-driven investing includes several strategies that are a source of idea generation. Some of these strategies like merger arbitrage can be a good counter-cyclical alternative that provide opportunities during times of market turmoil.

No problem. Just email [email protected] within 30 days and your refund will be granted promptly.

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